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Making money from online business

There are many ways to make money from online business. Adsense, Affiliate, Paid To Review, Broker Link, Jualan website. Since I am new to the online world atikel so at this time I'll try a little to explain one of them. PTR or Paid To Review, is one way to make money $ $ from online business by making a review or discussion of a site. Discussion or reviews you post on a web blog you can about the features and benefits of a large website, because usually web-web that this review is to sell services, products, and others are so on.
Once you make a post about the benefits and advantages of the site you will get paid every once in post, to the size of it depending on your deal with the installer review. 
As for getting a job review of the site owner must already have their own criteria which are suitable blog to review their site and what does not. Among these criteria
according to the sources that I read is:
<li>minimum PageRank 3&nbsp;</li>
<li>Age is 3 months&nbsp;</li>
<li>post a minimum of 15 posts&nbsp;</li>
<li>Alexa Rank below 1 jt (if it can be better bwah 500k)&nbsp;</li>
According to the criteria usually serve targeted websites that you register at Paid To Review program will be faster and more get a job reviews, and websites for these criteria you can get approximately $ 10-20 $ / one-time review. Not large enough 100-200ribu, .. you are only required to write all that good - good from their site, all the cool - cool, and all who can make their website a lot bring visitors one of them visitors from your website.
One of the key success to create a website that is ready for the PTR, is FOCUS. Focus to make your website a high page rank, Alexa rank focus to reduce your website, and one thing that it is not important kalh selection or market niche. To get a job review with a fee large enough you should not mix Niche memcampur pad your blog. In order for your website looks more professional to discuss only one field only. So hopefully I can give the knowledge for yours &nbsp;
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